Inspired Drug Delivery: NOVA is realizing the full potential of thin film technology.


Nova Thin Film Pharmaceuticals is a specialty drug delivery company that develops and manufactures dissolving thin film using proprietary DepoFilm™ technology.

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Oral Soluble Film 2.0

Diagram of a thin film

Since its introduction in the pharmaceutical arena in the early 2000s, Oral Soluble Film (OSF) technology has been heralded for its multi-functionality and as the ultimate evolution of the oral dosage form. OSFs are compact and a slim (nearly two-dimensional), portable, stable, non-fragile, good-tasting way to deliver a unit-dose therapeutic with unique advantages:

  • Great for children: a kid-friendly format that's easy-to-swallow, great tasting, non-spillable and highly portable.

  • Excellent for seniors: especially helpful for patients with swallowing problems.

  • Ideal for rescue medication: easy to carry around for emergency use.

  • Perfect for adults: easy to consume discreetly without water in any setting.

  • Improved bioavailability: systemic drug delivery by sublingual or buccal routes avoids first-pass metabolism.

Nova Thin Film Pharmaceutical (NTFP)’s proprietary DepoFilm™ represents a disruptive advancement in OSF drug delivery by dramatically lowering the cost of development and manufacture of these versatile dosage forms.  DepoFilm enables OSF cost parity with traditional oral products like tablets, capsules and liquids. NTFP's fully integrated development, manufacturing and testing capabilities are co-located within a state-of-the-art cGMP facility of our partner company and lead investor, Quality Chemical Laboratories.